Tolerance Collapse

by Overlord

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This album is essentially an Argumentative Essay divided into three parts: Topic Introduction (tracks 1 & 2), Supporting Arguments (tracks from 3 to 9) and the conclusion of the essay which is the track 10 "The End of Faith". Track 11 acts as a "bonus track".
This is an essay on human exhaustion and its multiple dimensions. Through this album you can find some of those aspects from the more obvious/concrete to the more subtle/abstract ones going gradually to a given solution to conclude with an utopic finale.


released 24 January 2014

All music, arrangements and lyrics by Flatuleitor, except "Karadima Boys" and "Molemen to Power" by Flatuleitor/Buono-Core and "The Preacher" by Skolnick, Billy, Peterson (C) 1988 FASD Music / Zasmar Music (BMI). All performances in this album by Flatuleitor.



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Track Name: Karadima Boys
The priest is waiting
The Flesh he’s yearning
Today he’s nailing
Behind the curtain the dreams come true
Upon the altar the toys are set
The class is starting, they won’t escape
Screwing young souls, fucking up their fate
These tears won’t quench the thirst

Let the children come now
This is the word of the lord
Expose your sins to the bishop
With salty water you’re clean

Karadima Boys
Molested by the embassy of God
Karadima Boys
Feeling the dense forgiving of the lord

Mental ailment
Collective delusion
Something so trivial
Compared with taking innocence
They cover rape with fairy tales
Crimes with emotional damage
Steeped in vile atrocity
Sheltered in disgusting faith

Enemy of children
Minds are plague-ridden
Pernicious doctrines
With guilt and fear and shame and hate
That’s quite a basis to live a life
And you’re still praying, you hypocrite
They’ve maintained their names against all odds
Catholic Church’s still scot-free
Track Name: Spread the Crap
Close your eyes, block your ears
Forget your fears
Deny it all, believe it all
From the sky it’ll fall
It doesn’t matter if there’s no proof
Your life’s a goof
You know you’re right because you’re right
So there’s a reason to fight

You must spread the word
No matter what’s the cost
You have to carry on
Like a mutton in a flock
You must spread the word
No matter what’s the cost
You have to carry on
And go against logic and reason

Spread the crap – impose your fairy tales
Spread the crap – and yell before the certs
Spread the crap – corrupt the populace
Spread the crap – don’t keep it to yourself
Spread the crap – impose your fairy tales
Spread the crap – and yell before the certs
Spread the crap – corrupt the populace
Spread the crap – and tell the world to share your fucking faith

The right is yours, the great command
So make a stand
Don’t be ashamed of what you are
You have to keep on guard
You are a soldier, a holy soldier
Or just a joker
Tread on everybody else’s dignity
For the trinity

How can we possibly stop you?
Nobody can be so coo-coo
We can’t defeat your doo-doo
Go against your friends and family
They are just people that are not worthy
Your goal in life is to be damn holy
Make everybody’s life disgusting
Track Name: Neurotheology
There’s a disease inside – that you can commonly find
There’s an internal fire – flaming your putrid mind
There is no place for you – there is no place to hide
You want to face your situation – you have to find an explanation

Research, exam and test behavior – trying to find the key
Quoting bronze-age superstition – to justify yourself
Techno-deception – peppered by pseudo-science
Pretend to be deep and rational – to keep the fool in line

Try to look that so-called “god”
Through the shards of a broken mirror
That were created by your own incapacity
And lit by radioactive agents

The greatest form of destruction
Fooling around with science, looking for argument
Abusing, torturing, and still brain-suctioning
That human abortion we call religion

No theoretical dialogue could possibly occur
As long as you keep curbing, you miserable fool
Enjoy your fabrication, retain the deception
Release the superstition, suppress investigation

Syndrome of plea

Pray for results, lies come quickly
Worship infections and rash and soreness
Don’t come near me to infect my brain
Tergiversation will never be a body of knowledge
Track Name: Don't Fuck with Science
Hey you – who complain about contempt
Bitch – filling the web with preconceptions
Weak – your brain’s stuffed with fixed ideas
Cheap – turning the evidence for convenience
Scum – ignorant of the natural
World – do you think you understand
A thing? – keep inventing to justify
Yourself – you won’t find the solution

Torturing scientists through the tough dark ages
Suppressed for one-thousand fucking years
Evolution research
Was compromised for doltish myth-based prejudice
But who are giving the green light now?
Those who actually thought the Earth was totally flat

Hey you – you want to adapt your shit
To – evidence and argument
But – when the proof is before you
Cunt – you just run away and block your ears
Test – your warped dialectic at the light
Of – the power of objection of Reason
Then – if you can validate your bullshit dogma
You will be allowed to fucking speak

Don’t you ever fuck or talk about science
This is not your world, this is real life
Contradiction indeed
Claiming to love science and throwing in with myths
Are you actually proud of that? Aren’t you ashamed of yourself?
What an extraordinary piece of warped logic

You don’t know what you’re talkin’ ‘bout
You’re making proof with fairy tales
Go, trick the fools, make ‘em believe
Just get back to your fucking church and keep the
Pray for your son, he will be healed
While doctors do what you should do
Find solutions instead of lies
Please, get out (get the fuck out of here)

Don’t fuck with science
Track Name: Deceived at Birth
Deceived, deceived at birth

Give me the man the first seven years
And I’ll give you the man
I will turn him from a happy little kid
Into a heartbroken scum
Training the pure, the innocent children
Disturbing paint of life
Insanity and alienation
Comes from the prompt brainwashing

The poor children don’t have a chance
The poor children (poor, poor kids)
They’re nothing but just fertile ground
Just fertile ground (gullible)
The poor children don’t have a chance
The poor children (poor, poor kids)
They’re nothing but just fertile ground
Just fertile ground, willing to trust in you

This obvious case of dementia
It has to fucking stop
You have to take some action and break this
To prevent worse forms of child abuse
They send their kids up to failure
Enslave innocent mind
Stupid songs and fairy tales
Forever rot their brains

Free the children

Filthy obscene indoctrination
(Deceived at birth, deceived at birth)
Training people like circus beasts
(Deceived at birth, deceived at birth)
Repulsive useless propaganda
(Deceived at birth, deceived at birth)
Teaching the monkeys to swing – dance

Parade of buffoons, gullible and naive
Immature and weak, the theater is free

Keep your children clean
From the conditioning
They’ll fucking regret
When they begin to use their brains
Educate yourself, look for evidence
The factory of myths
Will infect their little heads
The affection factor will be a dilemma
Creating frustration, pain and agony
Their remembrance will associate
Good reminiscence with mythology

So when they find the truth
The great sorrow will be so huge
Contradiction doom
Massive deception

They are gonna pay
Track Name: Redefining Madness
From the dusty tents in the old wastelands
A known sickness reached the big city
But this time shit got worse, like, big time
And you can bet it will find you
This mental nausea wasn’t always bad
In fact, there was a time when this bizarre
Vomiting devotion was thought to be
A sign of those animal-faced gods

So then the pious came around
With their false love and true deception
Kidnapping all the previous paraphernalia
Paraphrasing the insanity ad infinitum

We are constantly redefining madness
Justifying our internal putrefaction
In the futile, perpetual search for consolation
In our panic to understand life and survive

But things wouldn’t go too far, or do they?
Things have been changing now, they have improve indeed
‘Cause from the planet Kolob your longed hope comes
In a flying saucer (?)
Ask someone to burn your corpse to ashes
Or you will be baptized after dead, like Hitler
But don’t deny any of that shit
Because social isolation is the worst

That’s too easy to realize today, right?
Well, two thousand years ago it wasn’t
Then, there was a change in the seasons
Seasons that always pass by the sharp

Clean you bod from thetans with an E-Meter
Fag-Ashtar will come to touch you in the night
CoE says: eat a queer baby for Jesus
Or they’ll crawl to the gutters to take over the world

And it’s quite hilarious
How history repeats itself, how humans could fall again
Unraveling the universe
But believing in talking snakes, performing mass suicide

And the murders go on
And the rape endures
And believers persist
And the madness remains
But reason will prevail
And logic will succeed
And science will bury
All delusion eternally
Track Name: Secularize
Ego-tropic risks – deceived at birth
Socio-tropic risks
Death of religion – regular poise
Master model of judgment
Superstition – fading importance
Updating demanded – heavier than before
Renew the theory

Systematic deterioration
Of dogmatic nonsense
Progressive society
Scientific expertise
Standard of proof
Cultural change, security

Posses the land, make it your own
The sleep of reason produces monsters
Take the risk and face life in the eyes
Favor evidence over feelings

Religious market
Variance by supply
Mass education
New cultural era

Secularize, secularize

Human development – religion consequence
Human control
Spiritual demand – utterly illogical
Predictable rules from the past
Primitive legacy – fading in disgrace
Evidence states
Social implications – of every process
Reflection of progress

Keep superstition – out of society
Secularize your mind
Keep false belief – out of schools
Just fucking teach the facts
Keep irrationality – out of legislation
We are all equal beings
Keep knowledge – coming from nature
Avoid hypocrisy
Track Name: Modern-Days Skeptic Flux
The time of ignorance – is being left behind
The banal amusement – is part of the past
Childish stories – are believed no more
The blind conviction – is sent to oblivion

Arrogance and air
Antonym of discipline
Suspicion and doubt
Reflex of humility
The call is being heard
Listen to the salutation
In these modern days
The flux is streaming

Tolerance collapse – religion disregard
Logic indoctrination – worldview advancement
The world is ours – molemen will arise
Skepticism – the only logical position

Wake up – this is the time now
To kill and dismember – invisible gods and beliefs
Is the responsibility – of the educated skeptics
To save the world – from the ignorance tyranny

Mankind will suffer a change of paradigm
Hands that help are better far than lips that pray
The cure for the virus has been lastly found
Be part of the medicine and heal the world
Track Name: Molemen to Power
Working in silence, in the underground
Mole people are preparing their vengeance
Blood thrusts they will bring
Hunger and death will be the payback
Diminished and humiliated
The mole people shall arise
Deluded and fatuous bastards
Will bow before the evidence

Waiting for the time you will realize
Scheming the plan to dominate the Earth
Sharing their food no matter how
Offering support to each other
Living in tunnels beneath the city
Mixing dirtiness with darkness
The more you go down the tunnels
The more you’ll feel like one of them

There is no escape
From the fortress of the moles

The duality between progress and decay
Buildings sinking into the depths of the Earth
Future may be better than expected
Mole people can be you and me

The suppression of faith is coming
The power of thought will overcome delusion
Human consciousness will be enough
And won’t be suppressed by hypocrisy
But the night will fall, thunders will be heard
The Earth that you know will never be the same
Track Name: The End of Faith